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Jobs @ Amcom Technology The Mission... Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create great user experiences for our customers and users; from the experience of developing software, to the experiences of the software itself.

Work closely with customers... As a consulting company, this position entails working closely with the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the project. From the inception of the project where problem definition and business requirements are defined, to agile development and release, and assisting in achieving project ROI.

Influence change... Working directly with our customers, often interfacing directly with the President and Executive staff, this position is a highly visible one. The ability to completely influence from a corporate level the processes and policies of technology and business management are very prevalent.

Leadership at all levels... The position is a time demanding one, and requires someone naturally diligent, highly organized, self-motivated, extremely focused, and has a "do whatever it takes to win" attitude. Amcom believes in leadership at all levels - we expect people to step up and lead in their areas.

Opportunities for growth... As you grow we grow. All members of the team are critical to the growth of the company, and with that growth comes new opportunities. The further you progress with your talents and skills, the bigger the goals we're capable of achieving.

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