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Business Intelligence

It's more than just reports
Although there is no shortage of reports, many times decisions are still based on instincts and experience. Business Intelligence is designed to supplement instinct and experience with information that can be used to drive and support the decision-making proves.

B.I provides the ability to connect the dots. With big picture perspectives, management will have a constant pulse on the business, changes in customer behavior, market conditions, regulatory environment, and your company's position vs. competitors.

By eliminating guess work your company can execute with a tactile competitive advantage.

The goals of B.I
You wouldn't have a B.I program for the sake of B.I - there are some common goals to Business Intelligence that we can help you with. Some of those include the following.

  • Understand what data is needed to effectively run the business.
  • Collect the "right" data.
  • Define the data elements in a consistent and meaningful manner.
  • Transform the raw data into "usable" information.
  • Enable your company to know what they need to know.
  • Enable confident data driven decisions and minimize guesswork.
  • Information valued for it's relevance and currency.
  • Ability to respond quickly to changes in market conditions and customer behavior.
  • Ability to analyze "what-if" scenarios.

The Amcom B.I Vision

With goals in place, and technology at hand, what does the B.I Vision look like? We'll give you a head start with our proven B.I Vision which consists of the following.

  • Data Purification. Trustable, consistent knowledge
  • Interactive Drill Down (Live) Dashboards/Charting
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • B.I Portal - one stop shop for your B.I needs
  • Processes (gather, analyze, and access)
  • Mechanisms to gather information
  • Tools to understand data
  • Data Visualization (goodbye to raw spreadsheets/tabular data)
  • Multiple levels of knowledge
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Inflationary
  • Regulatory
  • Industry
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Market conditions
  • Trends
  • Capability

  • Business Objects
  • ETL
  • OLAP
  • OLTP
  • Pentaho
  • Crystal Reports
  • Adobe Flex
  • iLog
  • Excelcius

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