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Give yourself an edge...
Our goal with all software development is to ensure that what gets delivered gives your business a strategic edge over your competition. Anyone can say that, but we're able to confidently make that claim and here's why. At Amcom it's not just about the software, or the technology, it's about a holistic approach to technology management where it starts with the identification of the opportunity or problem definition, defining what success looks like, and after the project is completed continually looping back and fine tuning the actualization of success.

The development process
Once development begins we use an agile approach of using small incremental phases where software creation and testing are tightly coupled. This iterative approach allows us to ensure that the end result is the utmost of high quality and is what the customer wants.

Compared to the traditional water-fall methodlogy, our approach results in the following:
  • Reduced risk as each phases scope is limited.
  • The business units are able to leverage new features quicker as they don't have to wait for massive all-or-none projects to be completed.
  • Projects stay on course and meet their target dates.
  • The customer and user guide the development. This results in software that fulfills the need exactly.
  • Maximum strategic agility as the direction in strategy is easily accomodated.

Proud to be an Adobe shop
We pride ourselves as experts in Adobe technologies by having notable experts in various Adobe products. Using Adobe's software allows us to transition from each stage of the SDLC in an efficient and streamlined manner. From the use of Photoshop, Fireworks, and Flash for the creative design, to the Spry (AJAX), Flex, and AIR frontends. On the backend we have Coldfusion for rapid application development, integration, and the overall web application platform.

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